Scoop! Current generation Alto to get equipment upgrades

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Thanks to Motoroids’ eagle eyed reader Monty Singh, we have one more scoop! We posted scoop photos of the 2011 Maruti Suzuki Alto facelift a couple of days back. What our reader and Facebook fan pointed out was a slightly unusual current generation Alto that stood within the group shot.

The Alto in the picture has a rear windshield washer and wiper which is not available in any of the variants of the current generation Alto. So it looks like Maruti Suzuki is going to throw in a few extra goodies to continue selling the current generation Alto alongside the slightly pricier facelift model that comes out in a week or two. Stay tuned to this page as we bring you more info on this car. Or simply follow us on Twitter or Facebook to get the latest updates, first!

maruti Suzuki Alto K10 with A-star K-series 1.0-litre engine spy picture