Sheel Priye

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Sheel has been holding the flag of automobile enthusiasm in the Bhaiyya Land.

He is one crazy grown up man for rest, but perfectly sane for his Motoroid brothers.

He has been crazy about wheels since God knows when and from what he remembers, he used to go to paddy fields as a child to hitch a ride on his family’s Ford Tractor and kept sitting over it all day. His care-taker used to take him outside so that he could spot another color for an Amby or Padmini before having another morsel.

A safe rider who has almost spent 40% of his ride’s worth on riding gear and with years gone by has become more mature, sensible and responsible on road. Someone who is also slowly getting the hang of cars and enjoying not being wet and dirty.

Crazy about World Super Bike Races and someday would love to own multiple motorcycles to satisfy all the cravings of riding an SBK. His nieces are really scared that someday he might end up marrying a motorcycle. As a Motoroid, he’s been trying to preach safety on two-wheels as as four and trying to inculcate a safe driving / riding culture among his bhaiyya friends. Nothing substantial has been achieved in this regard, despite his best efforts – but Rome wasn’t built in a day.”

Why is Sheel here?

Sheel is here because he’s been a part of Motoroids ever since the project was in its conceptual stage. He has always been very involved in building the community with his invaluable suggestions. He is also one of the most active members on our forums and knows almost every auto enthusiast worth his salt who is a regular on popular automotive forums. Knowing where he hails from, its understandable that he is not able to carry out many auto-related activities, still his enthusiasm about all things automotive is infectious. Keep up the good work Sheel, we’re sure with your untiring efforts you will soon build a responsible auto enthusiast community around you. Cheers!

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