Mini to make a comeback in WRC

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BMW have taken a decision to bring the Mini back into action in World Rallying Championship or WRC. The iconic car will make a comeback in the world’s top rallying championship after more than 50 years. BMW will utilize its Countryman SUV version of the Mini for the purpose and not the standard version. The company will field its contender in selected rounds in the 2011 season of WRC and make a full-fledged entry in 2012.
Mini’s return to WRC will also witness a return of Prodrive, the people who tuned Subaru cars for years and got them wins in the WRC circuit year after year. Prodrive went off the WRC scene in 2008, and have reportedly been developing the Mini Countryman for WRC since the start of 2009. Prodrive will also be responsible for running the factory team.
The Mini Countryman participating in WRC will have a BMW Motorsport 1.6-litre, turbo charged four cylinder engine under its bonnet, and will also be the only car to have a four wheel drive.

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