Schumi’s F1 Car on eBay!

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Coming across various car models on an online market like that of the eBay is not a big deal. But however, when the car is Michael Schumacher’s 1994 Formula One car, it is something unusual. The title-winning Benetton Formula One car has been registered for sale on eBay.


The seller based in Toronto, has advertised the car on the German eBay site. Along with the car are being sold several spare parts. These include two extra sets of wheels and tyres and a data laptop which is responsible for the monitoring of the fluid levels and temperatures.The car has been described as “in racing condition” on the website. It was this Ford Cosworth powered car that drove the German to his first of seven world titles.The bodywork and livery are similar to that seen during the 1994 season and has been left unchanged. However, the damage the car had to face in the 1994 season finale has been repaired.

In the 1994 season finale, Schumacher had made a controversial victory after crashing into Damon Hill in Adelaide after suffering a problem. As a result of the collision, Damon had to let go off the title by allowing Schumacher to take advantage and drive to his first world championship.

With about 184 bids, the car has reached more than 2.6 million Euros (£2.3m). The winning bidder will however have to shell out an additional 10,000 Euros (£9000) as shipping expenses. Monday is scheduled to be the final day of the auction.

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