Scania uses 14 trailers to make the world’s largest clock measuring 7.5 lakh square feet



Business rivals have often taken it to the bill boards and newspapers in a friendly battle to come up with some of the best advertisements. Take the case of luxury automobile manufacturers BMW and Mercedes-Benz, both going head on in an advertisement war when the former completed a 100 years in the automobile industry.

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Now, in yet another spectacular advertisement, Swedish truck manufacturer Scania has taken the game-play to a whole new level. The company has created what is believed to be the world’s largest clock, measuring about 7,50,000 (7.5 lakh) square feet running for 24 hours non-stop. How did they achieve the feat? Read on to find out.


Making a deserted airfield their base, Scania took as many as 14 trucks and 90 drivers to achieve the race against time (pun intended). According to the company, the trucks that made up the clock faced a variety of difficulties depending on which clock hand they were forming. The trucks that made up the second hand had to drive on a round track in a perfect circle every 60 seconds for 24 hours. The inside truck had to maintain a constant speed of 13 km/h, while the outside truck had to hold a constant speed of 53 km/h. For the trucks making up the minute and hour hands, the challenge was to ensure a perfectly synchronized sequence of starts and stops.


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The live stream of the video went live on 20th September at 7 pm (11:30 pm IST) and was live for a span of 24 hours. The clock was filmed using five cameras, allowing viewers to switch between different angles clock view, tower view, front view, side view and rear view. You can view the clock here.

Following is a video of the Scania clock:

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