Scania Metrolink buses delivered to Aeon Connect in Kerala

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Scania Commercial Vehicles India today delivered the first Scania Metrolink Coaches in Kerala to Aeon Connect Travels. Mr. Sivakumar V, Sales Director, Scania Commercial Vehicles India, Mr. Staffan Arvas, Strategist, Brand & Marketing Communications, Scania CV AB and Mr. Agy George from Aeon Connect Travels were part of the occasion. These buses will connect travelers from Ernakulam to Hyderabad.

Expressing happiness over the delivery of the first Scania Metrolink buses in Kerala, Mr. Sivakumar V, said, “This handover confirms Scania’s ability to offer comprehensive solutions for a broad range of passenger transport needs and the entry of Scania in Kerala. Our vehicles are recognized for their safety, high level of uptime and efficiency in fuel consumption, important features for a quality public transportation system.”

Aeon Connect Travels has been founded by Mr. Aby George, first time entrepreneur and businessman from Indore with interests in construction. While the initial service will focus on one route, Aeon Connect Travels will eventually be connecting many more routes from Kerala to the rest of the country.

Scania has established a relationship with EVM Motors, an exclusive dealer in Kerala for haulage trucks and buses.

Launched at Busworld in Mumbai February last year, the Scania Intercity Coach range introduces multi-purpose coaches for medium and long distance luxury travel for the Indian market.

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  • Naveen Ranjit says:

    This has been one of the most disgusting experiences that I’ve ever had travelling in a bus. It goes to show how these operators are only bothered in ripping you off with exorbitant amounts as bus ticket prices, and do not give a heck for your well-being. So, this is how it went…

    Journey Details: Bus: AEON Connect Scania Multi Axle Semi Sleeper (2+2). Reporting time: 11:15 PM. Fare : Rs. 1600. Vehicle No: KL 07 CA 1639. Crew PH : 08138911639, AEON Owner PH : 0949 700 4466.

    I boarded the 11:30 PM bus from Madiwala, heading towards Aluva. I was carrying a laptop bag (with a laptop in it) that didn’t weight more than 4-5 kilos at the most. I was initially told to leave the bag in the luggage store area between the other bigger bags from other customers. I clearly couldn’t let that happen because the bus driver and the crew member didn’t behave properly starting right then and gave no assurances to the . My laptop also wouldn’t have been safe between other larger bags. Hence I decided to keep it inside the bus, in the overhead space. Then after few hours I realized that seats full of bedbugs, totally Helpless.

    At around 6:30 in the morning, almost near Palakkad, I felt nauseous and had a very intense sensation to vomit. I was diagnosed with an Intestine Infection on 4th Feb and was very weak. Being an AC bus, with the windows all closed, I could only think of requesting the bus crew to stop the bus for a minute so that I could puke and get back on. They were very aggressive in their reply and said they won’t stop even for a second citing traffic. I was forced to throwing up inside a plastic bag in a moving bus. I do not wish this even on my worse enemies.

    Once I reached Aluva, where I was supposed to get off the bus, I confronted the bus driver as to why he didn’t stop. The bus driver got up from his seat, took a very aggressive posture and pushed me out of the bus. It escalated to pushing and shoving between myself and the bus crew member and the driver. Luckily there were a few policemen where I got down and they intervened. I was very weak, and had an extreme sense of having been wronged. It clearly isn’t the kind of treatment any passenger deserves. All I asked for was for the bus to stop for 2 minutes!! Not only did they not stop, they also threatened to beat me up.

    After I reached home, I rung the owner of AEON travels, who was least bothered to listen to my grievance. I feel cheated, abused and exploited in this bus trip and will never ever be using AEON again. A very big warning to anyone using Redbus to book tickets: Please choose the travels carefully and as much as possible, avoid these expensive and troublesome bus rides.

    I will be putting this up on whichever forum I can to create awareness.