Rumor: Porsche Cayenne to be assembled in India

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Economic Times is reporting that Porsche is planning to start assembling their Cayenne SUV in India. As per the report, Porsche may be planning such a move in order to reduce taxes drastically and hence increase the profit margins on one of its highest selling cars in India. If the reports are to be believed, then it is expected that Porsche would import complete knock-down kits from Germany and use its parent Volkswagen’s Chakan plan for assembly.

However, Mr. Ashish Chordia, CEO of Porsche India, denied any such plans saying “Porsche stands for ‘Made in Germany’ quality, and currently there are no plans of either assembling or manufacturing Porsches in India.” In fact, Porsche does not manufacture any of its cars outside Germany, even for more lucrative markets than India. All its cars are produced in Zuffenhausen and Leipzig and exported to other countries. And that is exactly what has us believing that Porsche won’t be assembled here. But given the unusual nature of the Indian market, you never know how policies and principles can change for the manufacturers…

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