Royal Enfield is ready with its 2010 line up for US!

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Classic Motorworks is the official importer and distributer of Royal Enfield Motorcycles in the US market. Classic Motorworks has announced the 2010 line up for the Royal Enfield motorcycles. “Today begins a very notable new model year for Royal Enfield in the United States. The year marks the complete transition of Royal Enfield’s production for the United States market to the Unit Construction Engine (UCE), Royal Enfield’s unique new power plant designed to offer the traditional appeal of a classic long-stroke ‘big single’ engine along with modern technology for clean, reliable and maintenance-free operation,” says Kevin Mahoney, president of Classic Motorworks and Royal Enfield USA.

The new Royal Enfield motorcycles may still have its ancestral flavor upon its metallic skin. However, the heart is new with latest technologies like electronic fuel injection, hydraulic lifters and three-stage catalytic converter. According to RE, the motorcycles will be rolled out through various authorized dealerships in the various US markets.

A new version of the well known Bullet Military will be introduced in the new 2010 model line which marks RE’s historic tradition of building mainstream versions of its military contract motorcycles for western consumers. The new redesigned model is post-war inspired factor of the Bullet C5 model.

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