Royal Enfield introduces nine new colours options across its range

Royal Enfield introduces nine new colours options across its range...

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Royal Enfield has introduced nine new colors for their existing product lineup that includes four new colours for its retro street model Classic, three colours for the legendary Bullet and one colour each for its highway cruiser Thunderbird and the Continental GT cafe racer. These new colour variants will be introduced in addition to the existing colours that are available for each motorcycle model and are open for bookings at all Royal Enfield company stores and dealerships. The prices of the new color variants will remain unchanged and will be as per the existing models.


The Royal Enfield Classic gets a leg up with the new Chrome Green and Classic Chrome Grey in its 500cc variant and in Mint and Chestnut variant for its 350cc model. The Classic Chrome will be available at a price of Rs. 1,92,063 on road Delhi.


The Continental GT cafe racer has been introduced in a ‘GT Green’ variant. The GT Green will be available at a price of Rs. 2,16,246 on road Delhi as same as the GT Red, GT Yellow and GT Black variants.


The oldest motorcycle in continuous production, the Bullet has been introduced in a new Marsh Grey in the 500cc variant. In its 83rd year on the road, the Royal Enfield Bullet Marsh grey will don new Copper coloured Madras pinstripes as well. The Bullet 350 Electra has also been introduced in two new colours – Maroon and Blue. The existing colours for the Bullet – Silver, Red and Black will also continue to be available for customers. The Bullet 500 is available at a price of Rs 1,69,688 and Bullet 350 is available for Rs. 1,32,788 (both prices on road Delhi).


Royal Enfield’s cruiser motorcycle, the Thunderbird, has been introduced in a new Asphalt variant. The new colour gets its inspiration from the long winding highways. The new Asphalt will be available for both the Thunderbird 350 and Thunderbird 500 variants. The Thunderbird 350 is available at a price of Rs. 1,53,598 and the Thunderbird 500 is for Rs 1,95,498 (on road Delhi).

Prices at a glance

Motorcycle Price in INR (On Road Delhi)
Continental GT Green2,16,246
Thunderbird 500 (Asphalt)1,95,498
Thunderbird 350 (Asphalt)1,53,908
Classic 5001,80,816
Classic Chrome (Grey & Green)1,92,063
Classic 350 (Mint & Chestnut)1,41,453
Bullet 500 (Marsh Grey)1,69,688
Bullet 350 (Copperstripe Black)1,32,788
Bullet 350 Electra1,32,788
Bullet 350 UCE1,17,7797
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