Royal Enfield Himalayan to Get the Tripper Navigation Unit Too?


The Meteor 350 is a crucial product for Royal Enfield. The Meteor 350 has incorporated many important changes and has introduced new features, reflecting RE’s aspirations of fusing retro with modern features. Apart from all the things the Meteor 350 has become renowned for, the Tripper navigation unit is one of them. The Tripper pod sits alongside the main instrument cluster and offers turn-by-turn navigation through signage in both day and night modes. This has been developed in association with Google Maps and being offered as a standard feature.

RE Himalayan Tripper navigation

It is out in the open that RE is currently working on an updated Himalayan which might arrive in the coming few months and it has been spied with the Tripper navigation unit.

2021 Royal Enfield Himalayan

The Tripper display unit can be paired with your phone using the RE app and then with the help garnered by the association with Google Maps, the Tripper display unit shows the respective turns. When the bike arrives at a turn, the arrow mark flashes so that it catches the rider’s attention through his/ her peripheral vision. The screen, however, does not display incoming messages or calls, as Royal Enfield believes it doesn’t want to distract the rider. It is powered by an open-source Google software and makes use of the smartphone’s processing power as well as GPS for navigation.

Royal Enfield Meteor 350 (46)

The inclusion of the Tripper navigation unit will surely make the RE Himalayan even more desirable and adventurous than it already is. We can also expect RE to throw in a couple more changes to make the new Himalayan differ from the outgoing model. We can expect a set of new colour schemes to begin with. Some reports also suggest that the Himalayan could become a little smoother than before. However, the performance figures and other mechanical bits are expected to remain the same. The BS6 Himalayan is powered by a 411cc single-cylinder, air-cooled engine which produces 24.83 PS @ 6500 rpm while the torque is rated at 32 nm. Suspension setup plays a very crucial role while taking the path less travelled. The Himalayan is currently equipped with a very capable off-road setup, including front telescopic forks with 200mm travel. The monoshock rear suspension with linkage allows for 180mm wheel travel.


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