Royal Enfield Announces Hike In Prices

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Every year, manufacturers have to update their costs by a small margin. This is done due to the constant changes in the market and a rise in the cost of materials. Royal Enfield, however, gave its customers an extra month of old prices and announced a price hike in the month of February, instead of doing it January, as they have been doing for since quite some time. Prices of the bikes have been gone up by about INR 1,500 for all models except the newly launched 650 twins.

Royal Enfield Tour Of Uttarakhand 2018 (2)

Most Royal Enfield models listed above come with either the 350 cc or the 500 cc engine. Both these single cylinder motors are known for the loud thump they produce, often enhanced by users with an aftermarket exhaust system. The 350 cc motor can generate a maximum output of 19.8 hp and a twisting force of 28 Nm. The larger 500 cc engine generates around 27 hp and a maximum torque of a bit more than 40 Nm. The Himalayan Adventure tourer is the only model to get a different engine. It uses a 411 cc engine which generates about 24 hp and 32 Nm of peak torque. For the revised prices, read further ahead.

Royal ENfield Bullet 350 ES

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Here are the revised prices of the bikes offered by RE, all models are listed below. Do bear in mind, the prices listed below are all ex-showroom:

  • Bullet 350 STD – INR 1,17,660
  • Bullet 350 ES – INR 1,33,964
  • Bullet 500 ABS – INR 1,88,141
  • Classic 350 Redditch ABS – INR 1,53,245
  • Classic 350 Gunmetal grey ABS – INR 1,55,082
  • Classic 500 ABS – INR 2,01,315
  • Classic 500 Chrome ABS – INR 2,11,817
  • Thunderbird 350 ABS – INR 1,56,000
  • Thunderbird 500 ABS – INR 2,06,645
  • Thunderbird 350X ABS – INR 1,63,346
  • Thunderbird 500X ABS – INR 2,14,516
  • Himalayan ABS – INR 1,80,289
  • Himalayan Sleet ABS – INR 1,82,125
Royal ENfield Bullet 350 ES
Royal Enfield Tour Of Uttarakhand 2018 (1)
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