Royal Enfield 650cc Cruiser Spied Doing Highway Runs

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If we had to make a list of the most anticipated motorcycles in the country in recent times, the Royal Enfield 650cc cruiser will probably grab the top spot. We have always been fond of Royal Enfield and their retro cruisers but this time around, the company is developing a proper, low-slung cruiser and guess what? It will have the oomph to justify its ‘cruiser’ tag, unlike some other Royal Enfield motorcycles we have been referring to ‘cruiser’ all this time.

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The 650cc cruiser from the house of Royal Enfield has made an appearance time and again. And now, it has been spied again.

650cc royal enfield cruiser spy shot right side

We have witnessed the cruiser in varying conditions. Previously, it was caught by a YouTuber on the highway, clocking somewhere around 120-130 km/h pretty comfortably. And this time, the cruiser can be seen munching miles, sitting comfortably below 100 km/h. What is intriguing to see here is a blue-coloured object placed on the pillion seat. It doesn’t look like some testing equipment but appears to be a pillow/cushion or bag.

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The word around the streets is that RE is currently working on two 650cc cruisers. One has made an appearance time and again while the other has showed its face only recently. While the KX650 will have a proper cruiser like styling and will feature wider handlebars, forward set footpegs and a low seat height while the other is going to be a slightly contemporary styled motorcycle.

The latter might carry the name Meteor 650 or Classic 650. The one featured here is supposedly the KX650, or in other words, RE’s proper low-slung cruiser. What is almost confirmed at the moment is that both the products will utilize the same 650cc twin-cylinder thumping motor which is currently pumping the affairs in the Interceptor 650 and the Continental GT 650. What is also quite relevant from the images is that the 650cc cruiser will have USD forks at the front.

Royal Enfield is currently having a gala of a time as it is riding on the success of the Meteor 350 and the 2021 Himalayan. The future of the bikemaker looks quite promising as it has its hands full with upcoming projects. What will please the masses is the fact that RE might launch an updated version of the Classic 350 soon, followed up by what looks like Classic/Meteor 650.

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