Rossi ready for Jerez?

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The first round of MotoGP might have been great for the DOCTOR but the next few races especially the next one at Jerez might be difficult because of his persisting shoulder pains courtesy his minor fall while a motocross training session.

Rossi -

The postponement of Japan GP has certainly brought relief to the World Champ as he gets a week’s time to recover before he heads to track to defend his title. “I was very lucky the Motegi race was postponed, last week would have been more difficult than now. I had one extra week to work on my shoulder but we need to wait for Friday to understand how it is on the bike,” said Vale. Though he was just bruised at the time of his accident, it has started to pain a lot. The defending world champ said,” Some movements are no problem but some others are a lot of pain, I have force in the hand but some pain in the shoulder, so we need to wait for Friday to understand my situation. Unfortunately the shoulder is still a problem and there is some pain. Normally this injury takes three weeks to heal and it’s two weeks since it happened now, so I really need another seven days to be fully fit again.” But Friday has brought relief as Rossi finishes 5th fastest in the practice session. He said that there were some points where he had to brake hard and his shoulder pained there. He was happy as he completed 25 laps without any painkiller. He also mentioned that he didn’t take any painkillers because he wanted to check the extent to which he could continue before the pain sets in.

Jerez has been a good track for Rossi. At least good enough to get him 6 podium finishes in premier classes in the past. “This is one of the best races of the season. There’s always a big crowd and the track is one of the best of the year,” said the Italian.

This is Lorenzo n Dani’s home track, which means they will try their level best to beat Rossi. We hope the doc gets fine by this Friday, so that he could use 100% of his calibre to give his competitors a nice fight and clinch the victory at Gran Premio bwin de España.

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