Road-legal Kawasaki Ninja H2 teased

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Road-legal Kawasaki Ninja H2 teased (3)

The immensely anticipated Kawasaki Ninja H2, the road- legal mat hatter cousin to the biblical, track-only H2 R, has been teased by Kawasaki. In the 12th teaser video of the H2 series floated on the official Kawasaki channel on YouTube, the two H2 variants are teased. While the one on the left is the already previewed Kawasaki H2 R– established by the word “Track” on screen, the one on the right is most certainly the street-legal Ninja H2, marking its first ever appearance.

Road-legal Kawasaki Ninja H2 teased (2)

At the moment, a mere silhouette whiffed with the introductory word “Street”, the shape tries to hide what looks like a rear mudguard, number plate hanger, indicators and stacked twin exhausts. The street-legal Ninja H2 will also lose the itsy-bitsy pieces of aero elements in the fairing, apart from having altered downpipes as compared to the H2 R’s.

The video concludes with a promise bearing the Ninja H2’s launch/preview date, which is on the 4th of November at the EICMA.

Road-legal Kawasaki Ninja H2 teased (1)

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The 2015 Kawasaki Ninja H2 R was will be powered by a 998cc, centrifugally supercharged liquid-cooled inline four engine. Although the company has remained mum on the numbers, it did confirm that the H2 R would produce nearly 300 PS (295BHP) of power, empowering the Trellis framed behemoth to achieve over 200mph. However, the street-legal Ninja H2 is rumored to be de-tuned to a relatively pragmatic 222bhp.

Check out the video below:

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