Reverse Video: How a very small drop in speed can save your life



Things can change in the blink of an eye. One moment you’re reveling in the surge of your own adrenaline, while the next might find you knocking on heaven’s door. Over-speeding on public roads is a sin, and will land your boisterous self either behind bars or in intense medical care- if you’re lucky to have your living wits around you anymore. This beautifully put together one minute video, narrated by somebody from Major Collision Investigation Unit tries to spread some awareness on the same.

The clip starts with a video-graphic reversal of an accident that broke a rider’s neck. Even though the guy astride the Yamaha R1 seems to be a well-versed, essentially kitted up rider- nothing like the pandemonium in India, he was a little too late to shave off his speed and T-boned into the Corolla at the intersection, which cost him his life. Our R1 guy started panic braking when he was at 68 km/hr, a smidgen over the limit we’re guessing, and eventually had to pay the price. Going back to just seconds before the impact, the clip predicts what would have happened if he were just at 60 km/hr. See what happens for yourself how knocking off 8 units saved his life.

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    Seesly…..21 meters skid to stop a bike initialy at 68?
    I dun hv ny experience of yamaha r1, bt it wud b pretty easy on my pulsar…
    #no comparision intended…
    Jus confused of wht the hell went wrng

  • Ayan Ghosh says:

    Hi prateek,

    Its about the bigger picture here. The motive behind such videos isn’t about the R1’s (or any bike for that matter) braking abilities/inabilities/ABS etc, but is to create a general awareness about over-speeding on public roads amongst petrol-heads and regular riders/drivers alike. The ABS-less braking antics are purely for representative purposes. Thanks!

  • prateek says:

    R1 does not have an ABS?? (the skid marks)..I am not saying that hitting 300kph and panic braking is ok with abs on..but c’mon ABS does maximise the braking efficiency.Specially taking in to account that superbikes have top of the shelf parts including brakes.