ReadyAssist Launches Helpline For Mechanics To Provide Mental Health Assistance

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The current global pandemic has brought the whole world to a standstill. While all of us are locked down in our homes to curb the spread of Covid-19, all of us are fighting our own personal battles. Many individuals and organizations are leading the front too, risking their lives. The need of the hour is to stay inside, focus on your mental health and stay safe. Many of us are accustomed to go out and roam around as it acts as a stress-buster but for the greater good, we have to stay inside.

While most of us will get by during these tough times, daily wage earners are finding it more difficult because everything is shut and even if the lockdown ends, things would still be gloomy for a considerable time to come. Many social reformers and support initiatives by various NGOs are coming to their rescue. One such great initiative launched by ReadyAssist is to provide mental health counsel through an internal helpline number to the 500+ member mechanic network they engage & operate. The helpline number is created to offer advice and encourage mechanics to take care of their mind and body during this outbreak. This is a free service and is available in Kanada, Telugu, Hindi, Urdu, English, Tamil & Malayalam and has dedicated four senior professionals along with few other juniors to address any mental health concerns faced by the mechanics.

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Poonam Singh Maruti mechanic

Speaking about the initiative, Vimal Singh, Founder & CEO, ReadyAssist said, “As a company working with many daily wage earners, it becomes our responsibility to help our mechanics. The motive behind launching the helpline is to offer mental health and encourage mechanics to take care of their mind and body, and especially not to be panicked about the situation. We have engaged our field managers and the support from other essential service providers to help our mechanics in need. In a situation like this, we are all together as a family.”

In a joint effort to help others and overcome this situation, ReadyAssist is also distributing rations to the mechanics who are in dire need. These turbulent and chaotic times is asking for such initiatives. If you too know any daily wage earner who might be finding it a bit hard to get by, contact them and ask if they need any help or assistance. They might be too humble not to accept any relief but a few kind words of empathy might make them feel that all is not lost. Humankind is facing the most serious threat of recent times and it’s necessary that we don’t lose humanity amidst all this.

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