Pulsar 200NS with fuel injection shows up on Bajaj Auto global site

Bajaj Auto’s global website have silently updated details about the fuel-injected version of the Pulsar 200NS

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Bajaj Auto’s global website has silently updated details about the fuel-injected version of the Pulsar 200NS. The new Pulsar 200NS FI is exactly the same as the existing and carbureted 200NS, except that it employs the fuel injection system from the KTM 200 Duke. Interestingly, while all the power and torque figures remain the same, the FI has a marginally higher quoted top-speed of 136 kmph compared to 135kmph for the carb version. There are also no visual changes except for the fuel reserve knob, which has now been done away with.

Bajaj Auto previously flirted with fuel injection in the original Pulsar 220 but discontinued it to bring the price down. There was also the problem of service centres not having the technical know-how to deal with such engines.

But now, Bajaj Auto’s technicians has no doubt been exposed more to fuel injection, thanks to the KTM 200 and 390 Duke, both of which come with FI as standard. Then there are the Kawasakis, all of which are fuel injected and sold in the same showrooms as Pulsars most of the time.

However, the Pulsar 200NS FI is not on sale in India yet, and will be available only for the overseas market as of now. Maybe because our price-conscious market is still not ready for technologies like FI, despite its proven advantages?

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