PROs And CONs Of MG MGB Classic Cars

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MG MGB classic cars bring joy to the eyes even of those who do not know anything about cars. These two-door sports cars were not produced for a very long time. However, such time was more than enough to find a place in people’s mind and heart even in current times. Here are some of the reasons explaining why:


Show me the one who doesn’t like sports cars!

Let’s be honest, we are usually in love with sports cars in advance. Why? Because its type alone already promises a lot: attractive design, great power and it stands out in the crowd. After all, that’s what the charm of a sports car is all about. Tell us, who after seeing an MGB GT for sale could resist it?

Perfect for those who take part in road competitions

MG MGB cars have repeatedly excelled in international competitions and with their performance have surprised not only the spectators but also drivers of other classic cars who took part in the race. Therefore, those who take part in various classic car races should also seriously consider the possibility of participating there with an MG MGB. If these British sports cars did not disappoint in the Monte Carlo Rally as well as a 1000-mile circuit race, it is to be hoped that they will not leave us ashamed in other races as well.

These cars are an incredibly good investment

If you look at all the MG MGBs on sale, you will easily notice the trend that the value of these cars has been growing steadily over the last ten years. As these cars gradually become rarer on the market (especially limited edition cars), their price goes up. Since the market value of these cars has been growing for a decade, just imagine how much these cars will cost in another ten years.

MG MGB cars really look like they lack nothing to be ideal. Sadly, these cars also have cons:

MG MGB is not considered reliable

If you choose an MG MGB car for trips to the university or work, you may not always be able to reach your destination on time. These cars tend to break down. Therefore, for those who carefully count the minutes of their day, these cars are not the most suitable choice. Unless you love surprises, adrenaline and rapidly changing plans.

It takes time to search for details and service

Another disadvantage is also related to a car breakdown. If your MG MGB breaks down, you may need to change certain parts of the car. Unfortunately, they are not always easy to find, or simply take time to transport. This means that it takes longer to repair your car. Also, it is not always easy to find a foreman to repair a classic MG MGB. Finally, even if you find an MGB enthusiast who would agree to devote his time to the maintenance and repair of this car, it is possible that his services will cost more.

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  • adrian cartwright says:

    Whilst I agree there are cons – I don’t subscribe to the idea that MG’s are either unreliable or difficult to get parts.
    They are extremely simple to repair, and will be more likely to accept a temporary fix to get you home than a modern car.
    Every part is available online with next day delivery – all are relatively inexpensive in comparison to a newer car.
    They lack many comforts, and are not ideal in bad weather. They also sit very low and give a poor visibility in traffic, but the cons mentioned in this article are far from accurate.