Probably the worst Lamborghini Replica you will ever see

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We have always highlighted zeal and efforts of auto-enthusiasts who successfully transform ordinary machinery into extraordinary creations. But at times the enthusiasm takes a different course and lands up in disaster. Similar is a case of an aficionado in Australia who dreamt of converting his Nissan Z32 300X into a Lamborghini Reventon and ended up with….well, you can have a look below.

modified lamborghini reventon

In fact the owner hasn’t spared any effort to the project and upgraded the Nissan’s 3 litre V6 with new turbos and intercoolers in a bid to sound closer to a real Lamborghini. He also added uprated performance suspension so that the Reventon’s body shell could be accommodated. Though we’re unaware of the power figures the car would make with the new turbos- but the owner has also put in new and bigger brakes.

lamborghini reventon replica gone bad

terrible lamborghini reventon replica interior

Other changes include new leather upholstery, air conditioning, climate control, music system, push-start function, cruise control and electric mirrors. Though the efforts are worth appreciation, unfortunately the end result has turned out to be a nightmare.

lamborghini reventon replica australia

bad lamborghini replica

We’re left wondering if the owners would still choose to drive this car which pretends to be a Lamborghini. The distorted proportions of the car would even make an average pedestrian realize that there is something horrendously wrong in this creation.

Nissan Z32 300ZX

The Nissan Z32 300ZX in its original avatar was a beautiful car indeed earning admiration from around the world which includes “25 most beautiful cars in history” and “100 greatest cars of all times” titles. We seriously feel that the car in original form would have grabbed more eyeballs than the contraption it has been transformed to.


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