Power To The Rider 4 – Mystery Solved?

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Ah! Not really!

Remember the old article about the Teaser 1?

Well there’s a new one online now. Apparently the 4th one.

The video is titled ‘Why are we here?’  but rather than answering the questions, it
ends up triggering more questions

Watch the video here:

The most common assumption would be, “Ok! So may be this is another Indian racing team”
that’s why the name ‘Power to the Rider

There’s a lot of ‘racing’ being displayed in this video. The video also features excerpts from
some very famous names in the Indian motorcycling history. When we say famous,
we mean for the ones who have followed the Indian motor sports specifically.

In a motor sports ignorant country like ours, the video touches on a sensitive topic on lack of sponsors. Is this the power they talk about?

Would they sponsor all these riders?

Why would they sponsor all these riders?

Then again picture this in your mind:

  • The first video showed some footage of local groups from Mumbai & Pune focused more towards leisure riding
  • The second one, shows some hard core off-roading and some crazy stunting with a tribute to Nimesh Tanna
  • The third one showcases the Vardenchi story!

What do you get when you sync all of these up?

If you ask me: A whole lot of confusion!

Unless you still think that “on roads and off-road racing” at lavasa with Vardenchi motorcycles would be a good idea!  Am sure atleast Sarath wouldn’t ever want to do that, especially since tasting the Moto3 machines!

While we can go on and speculate, it says “Concept launch 1.09.2011”, Sigh! Might as well Hold your
horses! Three days to go!

Discuss this topic here  do let us know what are your views on it and what you think it could be!


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