[Update] Maruti optionally equips the Swift and Dzire with dual airbags and ABS on all variants

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Update: We received an official call from Maruti Suzuki India Limited, claiming that the safety related changes made on the Swift and Dzire models were a part of a pre-planned strategy and doesn’t have anything to do with the crash of its Baleno hatchback. 

India’s leading passenger vehicle maker has announced that it will offer dual airbags and ABS as an option in all variants of Swift and DZire, including the base variant. These safety features are still an optional extra, mind. Its notable that national print, electronic and online media unequivocally questioned the structural integrity of the Baleno which crumpled in an accident a few days back.

Mr. R S Kalsi, Executive Director, Marketing & Sales, MSIL, said, “Swift and DZire are two of the most popular cars in India. Both have played an instrumental role in shaping the Indian automobile industry. The cars are known for contemporary styling, superior comfort, convenience features and performance. By offering driver and co-driver airbags and anti-lock braking system (ABS) across all variants of Swift and DZire, we want to further strengthen their popularity among customers.” 

We welcome these additional safety nets, and appreciate that Maruti has taken cognizance of the situation. We believe that Maruti, and all other leading manufacturers should address their India built cars’ structural integrity, which has been repeatedly questioned after numerous crash tests and fatal accidents. Also, Maruti should pick a leaf from Toyota and Volkswagen, and provide dual airbags and ABS as a standard feature on all of its cars, including entry-level models like the Alto and Celerio.

We think its a step in the right direction, and hope to see more positive changes on the market leader’s car models in the coming months.

Here’s the list of ex-showroom prices for the new air-bag  equipped base variants is provided below.

Price (Rs. Ex-showroom Delhi):

  Variant Price (INR) Variant Price (INR)


LXi Optional (O) 490,000 VXi (O) 560,180
LDi (O) 604,341 VDi (O) 643,184



LXi Optional (O) 540,000 VXi (O) 614,555
LDi (O) 619,450 VDi (O) 706,963
VXi AT (O) 693,974
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  • Sunny says:

    20-25k only over the regular price

  • SatishSatSatish says:

    MSIL is all well preparing for 2018 Auto safety Govt enforcement. They will provide Airbags and ABS optionally across all variants of all cars in stages. This will keep cash registers ticking as well as safety infrastructure ready. By 2018 they just have to take out non airbags models. Simple and cleaver. Other manufacturers can learn to use this tact. By the way, what is the premium MSIL charging on each model for this option safety?

  • iris says:

    I agree with JAYANANAD, why MSIL is not saying a word about Baleno accident. It's lighter and better but what about the safety, where is crashing analytic and reports of Baleno tested?

  • Jayananad says:

    This feels more like, My head got hit by a stone, i should put bandage on my foot!!!! The car in question is Baleno, that needs some work to be done on, but then MSIL declares safety net for other model!!!! On the contrary, absolutely ignoring the Horrendous way in which the Baleno has crumpled up in the crash. Smart move. Diverting the topic. I'll call it a good move the day they announce safety measures on their large selling Low end cars.