Porsche to build its new US headquarters in Atlanta, with a race track

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The Cayenne and Panamera may not have pleased the purist fans of Porsche too much, but the models have brought in a lot of volumes, and cash for the company. With burgeoning profits and plenty of cash reserves, the company is now planning on building it new US headquarters.

The company’s new headquarters will bring almost all US Porsche key personnel under one roof. The new US HQs will also have a test track. Located at Atlanta, the new facility will house 400 employees. The facility will include a Technical Service and Training Center, as well as a leading-edge Customer Experience Center that will feature a handling road course to show-off the capabilities of Porsche vehicles.

Porsche US headquarters

The new headquarters will not only be home to PCNA, but also to Porsche Financial Services, Inc., and Porsche Business Services, Inc. which are both currently located in Lisle, Illinois. Other Porsche businesses will also be included, building a solid foundation for further expansion of Porsche’s largest market worldwide.

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