Pipe Dreams: The Mini Superleggera Motorcycle Concept

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Mini Superleggera concept roadster

The Mini Superleggera Concept as the word suggests is a concept itself and whether it would see production numbers is uncertain as of now. Designed by Anders Warming of Mini in collaboration with Louis de Fabribeckers (Head of design- Carrozzeria Touring)- the English-Italian fused electric roadster at present is more of a one off creation.

Mini Superleggera Motorcycle Concept

But even as a one-off concept, the Mini Superleggera Concept didn’t fail to inspire designer Tamas Jakus of Jakusa Design (www.jakusadesign.com) who let his imaginations run wild and came up with a small cousin as company for the car. Naming it as the Mini Superleggera Motorcycle Concept, Tamas has skilfully oriented the scheme and theme of the bike to match that of the car. The curvature of the fuel tank to the squarish rear proportions of the motorcycle- every bit of it complements the Mini Superleggera Concept.

Mini Superleggera Motorcycle Concept (4)

Also a similar turquoise paint shade has been extended with the comfort quotient provided by soft caramel leather seats. A bold MINI Emblem is painted on the tank sitting above the traditional BMW Boxer engine that seems to have been borrowed from the shaft propelled BMW HP2 Sport motorcycle.

Mini Superleggera Motorcycle Concept (2)

Like the four wheeled roadster, the Mini Superleggera Motorcycle Concept would probably never set its wheels on the road in numbers- unless the Bavarian luxury car giant decides to make one. But the motorcycle does exude classiness and it wouldn’t hurt BMW to consent Mini to actually make one for the heck of it- just as it did with the Mini Superleggera Concept. What say?

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