Piaggio Vespa LX125 NOT to get a fibre body

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A few weeks back, we had reported a cut price variant of the Vespa, based on a tweet via Overdrive magazine. Seems like the news wasn’t true after all.

In an official statement, Piaggio India have clearly stated that no fiber body, or cut price variant of the LX125 will be introduced.

Piaggio Vehicles Private Limited (PVPL), in an official communication, have stated that –

“Piaggio set out to create the luxury segment with the launch of the Vespa LX 125 in India in April 2012. The information on Vespa unveiling a fibre body variant and reducing price to Rs 50,000/- is untrue.”

Any speculation on the Italian scootermaker’s plan to come up with cheaper, or fiber body variants, thus, should be rendered as  untrue.

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  • Ankita Mestry says:

    I am a proud owner of Piaggio Vespa. Vespa has some great feature like aero dynamic body, great pick-up, Stylish design & one of the most ultimate feature is it’s one piece Metal body. It is seriously the USP (Unique Selling Price) for Vespa in the Indian Market. And reading the news of ‘Vespa getting a fibre body & lower the price tag’ has really upset me. I am so proud & always excited thinking I have the ultimate bike with so many great features whenever I drive my Vespa. But now that the company has thinking of such idea’s then I would suggest them to think harder before doing so. I know i am so expert on this matter, but I feel even if you get Vespa a fiber body & lower its price would the bike have any USP to get higher sales. Let take into assumption that the sales after lower the prices goes high but would the bike have any style or class remaining the market. It would be like any other bike in the market. I thank my father who took my Vespa before the company announced such ideas just to increase it’s sales. Again I am saying I am no expert on this matter but I would suggest the company to think harder before taking any steps.