Peugeot’s 208 GTi ad is James Bond and Michael Bay rolled into one

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Don’t you just hate it when manufacturers slap on some flashy paint and decals onto an existing machine, and then proudly unveil it to the public as an “Anniversary” or “Special Edition?” We do too. And so does Peugeot, apparently.

Which is why the French carmakers have gone to some pretty decent measures to ensure that the 30th Anniversary edition of their 208 GTi hot hatchback lives up to its name.
Aimed specifically at trackday enthusiasts, the 208 GTi comes armed with gorgeous 18-inch wheels, heavily bolstered sports seats, and high performance brakes upfront. The chassis is now 22mm wider at the front and 16mm wider at the rear and sits slightly lower, to hug the track better. New springs and bushes all round ensure that it corners with confidence, and a modified exhaust tip ensures that everyone around you know you mean business.

Peugeot has fettled with the engine for good measure too. It now produces a slightly higher 208 horsepower (hence the name), and peak torque is also up by 25Nm to 300Nm.


In addition to the usual red and white paint schemes, there’s also a mad ‘Coupe Franche’ two-tone paintjob, with a matte black front end and a glossy red rear.

If you’re one of our lucky readers living in Europe, Peugeot is already taking orders for the 208 GTi Anniversary. Expect the price to be somewhere in the ballpark of $40k, a similar $10k premium over the 208 GTI as the RCZ R is over the RCZ.

And to celebrate this hot hatch with sports car hunting credentials, Peugeot has also released a CGI-laden advertisement which you can view right here. The ad starts off somberly, with footage from the original 205 ad from 1984, but then it just gets crazier and crazier. Heck, there’s a point where the 208 GTi somersaults over a helicopter, we kid you not. It is pretty insane, and is exactly what would be the outcome if Michael Bay ever signed up to direct a James Bond movie.

Also see it you can spot the wolf scurrying away from the roar of that modified exhaust tip somewhere in the video.

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