Petrol with special additives to cost less

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There are people who never tank-up at a fuel pump, unless they stock their premium brand of petrol, ‘Speed’, ‘Power’ or ‘Extra Premium’. However, such people are as rare as honest petrol pump attendants. In news that will bring some cheer, price of branded or premium petrol was on Thursday cut by over Rs 5 per litre, after finance minister Arun Jaitley slashed excise duty on the fuel.

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Central excise duty on Branded fuel was cut from Rs 7.50 per litre to Rs 2.35 per litre. Branded petrol, which contains special performance enhancing additives, attracted higher duties than normal fuel. The difference in excise duty caused huge difference in price of normal and branded fuel, which resulted in sales of the premium version dropping to almost zilch. So for all the people who look at glucose biscuits with raised eyebrows, your ‘Good Day(s)’ are here, and cost less.

Source: ET

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  • Satish says:

    You may not be aware how much I am excited to read the news. It was time when I used to fuel only branded one evem though was costlier by 2-3 bucks. It was not just making enine silent but was also shown boot in performance and mileage. The engine was happy too with confedence that it will not show any fatigue for next 10 years. Suddenly all changed when the price become dearer by 10 for a litre and all I have to shift back to regular (+adulterated) fuel. Now I have all sorts of problem including engine knowcking, low power, corse engine sound, low economy and even getting out of breath while running. No service could fix it.
    Think time is again changed and good days are back for my car and bike 🙂