Petrol, Diesel and other petroleum fuel prices to rise!

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The Common Indian Citizen had earlier got a wide smile on his face when the Government slashed the prices of fuel. However, these smiles will now be replaced by frowns and bitter gestures as the prices of petroleum products are all set to climb the steep slope up! But looking at this trend, we really wonder how frequently these prices will be subject to change! petrol prices have been freed from Government control and now brought on par with market prices.

Prices will be higher by Rs 3.73, Rs 2, Rs 35 and Rs 3 for Petrol, Diesel LPG** and Kerosene respectively. However, this is not the fact that surprises us. Adding to the details, Mr Ravi Shinde of the Petrol Dealers’ Association mentioned that petrol prices could fluctuate at an hourly bases too as a result of linking the prices to the International market without Government control. We could also expect people looking out for the perfect hour of the day to refuel their vehicles (hope this never happens). “A change in price every 15 days would be ideal for now. But the international  practice is to link prices with the cost of crude, which changes constantly,” said Shinde. “I do not think it is possible for dealers and companies to form cartels and overcharge customers. I only feel that Central and State Governments should not bring down taxes and replace it with a general state tax,” he added.

The automotive fraternity will not be the only thing left affected by this price rise. It could indirectly affect the price of daily commodities, groceries and other items. Rickshaw and Taxi fares have already been hiked owing to this price rise. A similar trend will be observed with the prices of transporting other commodities which will make it more costlier.

**(Per Cylinder – 14.32 kg)

Detailed Price Rise Table: (Per Litre)


City              Current Price       Revised Price      Hike

Mumbai       Rs 52.20                     Rs 55.93                    3.73

Delhi             Rs 47.93                      Rs 51.66                    3.73

Kolkata        Rs 51.67                      Rs 55.40                    3.73

Chennai       Rs 52.13                      Rs 55.86                    3.73


City             Current Price       Revised Price       Hike

Mumbai       39.88                           Rs 41.88                     Rs 2.00

Delhi             38.10                           Rs 40.10                     Rs 2.00

Kolkata        37.99                           Rs 39.99                     Rs 2.00

Chennai       38.05                          Rs 40.05                     Rs 2.00

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