Parx Supercar Show reaches Chennai

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Chennai racetrack or MMRT as we all know it as, has been busy these days. By busy, I mean real busy. Apart from the races, it now hosts various promotional events too. Just a few days back, Vodafone organised an event called ‘Hot Laps with Hamilton’, about which you can read here, that is if you somehow missed the event and our coverage too. This time, to add to the (ever-growing) list of the events this track hosts, a rather special event was hosted. Called the Parx Super Car Show 2010, it was the 10th of this month when this happened and we happily covered it for you(even I wanted to see some supercars in action too).

You might have heard (and seen) about similar shows taking place in Delhi and Mumbai, but this one was a first-timer for Chennai. A get-together for the rich who want to flaunt their assets, read supercars here.


All the members of the SCC(Super Cars Club) who participated in the event started from the city and drove all the way to the MMSC race track. There was a small drag race organised on the race-track, in which all the cars were raced against each other, two at-a-time. The best time was posted by a Porsche 911 Turbo which went on to beat the Ferrari F430 too in the drag run. As the cars by driven by their respective owners who had limited amount of rubber and insurance too, there wasn’t a lot of rubber burning action. But this doesn’t mean that it was boring. After all its not very common to see such beautiful automobiles together parading on a race-track.

The event couldn’t have been complete without Gautam Singhania doing some FAST laps around the track. He did all that in his Ariel Atom, after which  he jumped into his super-tuned Lancer and continued doing what he loves to-go FAST.

The participants had fun, the organisers had fun, Gautam Singhania had fun, Autocar ed Hormazd Sorabjee had fun and so did the crowd.

Check out the pics in the gallery below and don’t forget to leave your comments. If some more action takes place on the track or even off it, you know where to look for the latest news and pics.

Although Aston Martin was a sponsor for the event, there were no Astons around. When asked, the officials replied that they will be getting the cars in the near future, but their track appearance was something they weren’t sure of.

I wish I captured those teenage boys’s expressions when they were drooling over the exotic beauties. Next time, maybe!

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