Panvel RTO strikes again, impounds another Mahindra Scorpio stretch limousine

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Mahindra Scorpio limousine seized (3)

Late last year we had brought to you images of a Mahindra Scorpio modified into a stretch limousine where the front fascia was made to resemble a Hummer. Roughly a month later, officials from the flying squad of Panvel RTO impounded two such Mahindra Scorpio stretch limousines registered in Gujarat for violations of the Motor Vehicles Act (MVA).

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Now, another stretch limousine, also based on the Mahindra Scorpio, was seized by the officials from the Panvel RTO. The vehicle was reportedly headed towards Madgaon, Goa for a wedding event when Ganesh Patil, a traffic official with the Taloja police station spotted the over-sized vehicle. Patil later stopped the vehicle after which he informed officials from the Panvel RTO.Mahindra Scorpio limousine seized (5)Pradeep Shingare and Anis Bagwan, both officials from the RTO later arrived and did a thorough inspection of the vehicle and found it to be in violation of the Central Motor Vehicles Act. The length of the vehicle was illegally increased by a considerable amount and the interior was upgraded with features such as a sofa that replaced the seats and a private bar with LED lighting.

Reports suggest that the vehicle, which bears a Gujarat registration, belongs to a travel agency known as Parth Travels. The owner has been summoned to submit relevant documents of the vehicle regarding the modification failing which the car will be consigned to scrap. The modification work done on the vehicle is believed to hamper the safety aspect and hence is not fit to ply on the roads.

Source: Anandram Wagle

Mahindra Scorpio limousine seized (5)
Mahindra Scorpio limousine seized (4)
Mahindra Scorpio limousine seized (3)
Mahindra Scorpio limousine seized (2)
Mahindra Scorpio limousine seized (1)

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  • The Troll says:

    While speeders and cabbies are crushing people day and night, cops are only interested in impounding modified vehicles. Why don’t these dimwits chalk out a specific safety protocol and tests that can be conducted in a day and then provide a registration as modified vehicle with specifics and charge for the same. This can lead to people working on creativity and added revenue.

  • Rishi says:

    samajh me nahi aata ki yeh police kyu zindagi jeene nahi dete apne gaadiyon ke saath,..just hate this..!!