Pall-V One : A Hybrid Car-cum-Gyroplane

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Here’s the Pall-V One, a hybrid three-wheeled vehicle that boasts of the capabilities of both a motorcycle as well as an aeroplane! Designed by a Dutch Company called Pal-V Europe NV, this vehicle could offer us an insight into how our future automotive solutions would be.Pall V One is a Hybrid Car and Gyroplane

While riding a motorcycle has its own set of joys that I would swear by, I do admit that sometimes it gets a bit taxing. The sun, the rain and the dust can make life difficult for the biker. Plus other inherent problems associated with two-wheeled vehicles can mean that danger is always lurking close by. I recently penned my thoughts on how deformities on the road surface can lead a bike to a vicious tankslapping tendency; and that is just one of the problems bikers face.

That is where a car comes in. The shell protects the occupants from the elements, and the four-wheeled vehicle has dynamics much different than a motorcycle.

However, the bigger size makes maneuverability of cars a shortcoming. Cars won’t be able to sneak in through tight gaps as motorcycles can. So, what if a car can just fly over the trafiic jam that lies ahead?

There, my dear reader, you have got the essence of the Pall-V One. Its sleek proportions ensure that it remains as agile as a motorcycle, while the three-wheeled design that adds a bit of stability over motorcycles. However, the use of a mechanical-hydraulic articulated rear suspension ensures that the Pall-V One can lean into turns like a motorcycle. Wow, that’s neat! In addition, the Pall-V One has a rotor and an accompanying propeller that allow it to soar to the skies. The maximum height that it can reach is about 4,000 feet ( 1,200 metres ), and this ensures that no flying license is needed for the Pall-V One. 

This futuristic machine is powered an engine that runs on petrol. Specifications of the engine are unknown at the moment. However, the manufacturers claim that the engine can take the Pall-V One upto 180 kmph both on the land and in air. When used on the land, the Pall-V One’s rotors are kept folded. It will take just ten minutes to unfold he wings, and make the vehicle ready for touching the skies. Enhancing the practicality of the Pall-V One is the fact that it can land and take off from about any place. With a tank of 100 liters, the vehicle will give a range of about 1,200 km on the land. While in air, the range will vary from 350-500 kms depending upon the variant type.

Currently, the company is taking orders from customers in the Netherlands only. International orders are expected soon, with the first Pall-V One set to be delivered in early 2016. The company has a production capacity of about 150 units per year. The Pall-V One currently costs about $395,000.

Yes, you read the number of zeroes correctly. 😀

Photo via AutoEvolution

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