Ola Electric Scooter Woes Continue As Deliveries Commence


Ola Electric recently delivered their first batch of S1 and S1 Pro to their customers. Ola recently updated their Ola S1 scooters with software and a hardware update at an additional cost of ₹30,000. With the updated software, customers can unlock features like higher range, higher top speed, higher charging rate, cruise control, Hyper mode, hill-hold assist, etc.  However, even after these updates, customers are not able to use features like cruise control, navigation which was promised by the company. 

On this Varun Dubey, Chief Marketing Officer at Ola Electric said,” So features like cruise control, hill hold, navigation, etc. are coming up in the next few months by June. That is what we are going to deliver and it is not just about those features. As consumers continue to use the scooter and live with the scooter, we will learn and we will keep adding more and more features which consumers will continue to get,”

This is not the first time Ola Electric customers have expressed their issue with the electric scooter. Many customers have reported unsatisfactory performance and poor build quality of the product. Such owners have taken to the internet and have been raising complaints via their social media accounts. One of the customers reported that in the very first ride of his Ola S1 Pro, in less than 6Km the scooter started making some screeching noises and the lights started malfunctioning. Moreover. he claims that the company did not repair and deliver his scooter in the time given by the company. Another person reported that he received his scooter at the Vishakhapatnam event and the product had dents and scratches all around. He even uploaded photos of his scooter, which show a dusty scooter that looks old and used. He claims that the product is refurbished. Although upon contacting the company the manager assured him that the product will be repaired.

Although Ola S1 and S1 Pro have some unique features, as of now the scooters have failed to prove their worth in the real world. The company has taken records of these problems and categorizes some of them as solvable software glitches. Ola will have to solve these issues at the earliest if it wants to wipe this dirt off its name and leave a positive impact on its clientele.

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