Officially rendered: Track-only McLaren P1 GTR images emerge

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Last month, McLaren announced that it would produce a track focused version of its plug-in hybrid car, the P1. The company also revealed that the track focused P1 will sport company’s iconic GTR badge. McLaren will release the P1 GTR to celebrate the 20th anniversary of its F1 GTR.

A preview sketch of the P1 GTR was sent by McLaren Tampa Bay to the existing P1 owners. The rendering showcases an aggressive rear end of the car accompanied by a rear wing and diffuser to increase downforce. Two exhaust pipes also mark their presence at the centre of the rear panel. The P1 GTR also gets aggressive side skirts. Large air intakes and inlets would offer better aerodynamics and cooling.

The P1 GTR will only be available to the current P1 owners at an expected price of USD 3.4 million. Production of the P1 GTR is expected to commence next year as soon as McLaren builds its last road legal P1.

The standard P1 is plug-in hybrid which produces 916 PS of power. The track bred P1 GTR is likely to receive an engine that makes 1000 PS of power which will be achieved by re-tuning the P1’s 3.8-litre V8 twin-turbo petrol engine which is clubbed with an electric motor. The P1 GTR will shed away unnecessary weight and is expected to be lighter than the road going P1 giving it a better power to weight ratio.

McLaren has remained silent about the total number of units that would be produced of the P1 GTR . However, the P1 GTR will be offered to the existing P1 owners only.

Do you think it’s a smart strategy to offer the McLaren P1 GTR to the current P1 owners? Should McLaren offer this car to non P1 owners as well? Share your thoughts through comments below.

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