Official: Yamaha to launch a 200-250cc bike in India

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We recently told you about Hiroyuki Suzuki, the new man in the lead at Yamaha Motor India, and his aggressive plans to make the company profitable in India. Apart from announcing plans to export Yamaha models to South American and African markets, Suzuki also said something important about the company’s plans to introduce higher capacity models. He confirmed that the company is looking at introducing models which would range between 200-250cc .

“We are in a very severe condition, but we aim to break even by 2013 as we are increasing our production capacity. We may need at least two years before we come up with a scooter in the 150cc segment. Going forward, we will bring in motorcycles in the range of 200-250cc” said Hiroyuki Suzuki, Yamaha Motor India’s new MD and Chief Executive.

Now that statement roughly suggests a time period of at least two years before a 250cc Yamaha sees the light of the day. However, with Honda having launched the CBR250R at an almost unbeatable price, and with Bajaj preparing its own set of 250cc wheels, the first mover advantage has already gone. While another option in the 250cc segment by Yamaha will be welcome, we would really love it, if the traditional performance champion of the Indian market goes a step ahead and launches something that takes the game forward. A reasonably priced 400 twin sounds like the next big thing. Those who agree, please raise their hands in agreement, and let us know that they are with us by posting their views in the comments section.

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