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The Ambassador which is a genetically modified Morris Oxford III made by Morris Motors Company way back in the 1946, is not new to us. It has been an iconic classical established car in its days of glory which were set much before Maruti could enter the scene. With the current decision of the Indian Government of disowning the Amby for the current running SX4 and Indigo has gravely affected the sales of the car which are 5,510 units in the first ten months which when compared to 8,210 units for the year 2009-10.

HM has thus decided that they will give a complete overhaul to the classic machine, for once we agree because if the Amby wants to stay it needs to evolve in design and engine to match todays mean machines. “There are a whole lot of plans for the Ambassador. We are working on several options and the changes are part of the plan. While some smaller changes will be introduced soon, larger macro variations will be incorporated in due course.” Is what Manoj Jha, managing director, Hindustan Motors said.  This news is double checked as the auto component makers for this new Amby said that the new car will be different and ready to take todays leading sedans.

The work on the new model is extensively being done since last December and is expected to be done by the end of this year or thinking wisely it can be showcased in the Auto Show held at Delhi in January 2012. Will HM break the legacy and come up with a contemporary and substantial model which will pinch the big players in the industry?  What would you like to see in the new Amby?


Source : ET

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