Finally! Hero Honda looks beyond stickers, starts finding talent for R&D

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Seems like Hero Honda (now only Hero) has finally decided to look beyond stickers and graphic upgrades. The company, which till now was entirely dependent on Honda has now decided to go the full monty on developing its own technologies, engine and powertrains. Hero Honda has started hiring talent for the same, and the move seems to be causing tremors across the R&D divisions of rival companies, which are facing, or fear attrition of key talent.
Hero Honda has started developing its own R&D wing, and is looking primarily at TVS and Bajaj to acquire knowhow and to put critical systems in place. Hero has recently appointed the ex-Bajaj veteran T M Bala Raman in a senior R&D position. The company is also looking at poaching talent from TVS which has a rich heritage of in-house technology development.

Hero Honda, even though a market leader in India, and one of the top bike makers in the world, has not been able to develop in-house technologies owing to contractual obligations with Honda. The company has just been working on packaging and marketing of products designed and developed essentially by Honda.
The company is also working on creating a new brand identity for itself in the post Honda world, and has hired international brand specialists Wolff Olins for the same.

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