Offer of Rs. 1 lakh worth of fuel plus insurance on Mitsubishi Outlander

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We have been busy reporting the year end offers from various manufacturers. There is no denying that Mitsubishi is not very aggressive with its plans for India. However, the lack of interest in Indian market could not keep the Jap car maker from announcing a fabulous offer on its very capable Outlander SUV.

Talking about this offer, firstly the new customers are being offered as much as Rs 1 lakh worth of fuel with the purchase of the SUV. It may be noted that the Outlander comes with a 2.4 litre petrol mill and it has been constantly losing out due to not having a diesel advantage. This free fuel offer might just be what Outlander needed. Secondly, the buyers also get free car insurance on the SUV. The very capable SUV from Mitsubishi is not doing very good on the sales chart and this offer might help Mitsubishi fighting against the odds. It may be noted that last month just 9 units of the Outlander were sold.

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