Now Breathe Cleaner Air In Your New Hyundai Car

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Air quality levels have been on the decline for a very long time and unfortunately vehicular emissions form a major chunk of it. Although they have been kept in control in recent times, with much stricter emission norms in place across many countries of the world. Adding to that is the fact that the world is slowly shifting towards electric mobility.

However, this hasn’t brought down the particulate levels that are present in the air due to emissions from other sources and one could actually feel it when he/she steps out of his/her home. Most car owners in cities now barely have their windows down because of the pollution. Hyundai Motor Company might have an important role in the development of a new technology in this regard.


Hyundai Motor Group on Monday has announced that it has developed three technologies to manage the air quality in a vehicle. These three technologies are After Blow, Multi-Air Mode and Fine Dust Indicator, as the automaker claims. The ‘After Blow’ keeps evaporator dry to suppress mold growth, ‘Multi-Air Mode’ disperses air to reduce direct air contact, while the ‘Fine Dust Indicator’ displays air quality information in real-time.

Hyundai says these technologies will be introduced on upcoming new cars from the brand. Also, these technologies will be available across the cars from Kia and Genesis brands as well.

How Does this Tech work?

Hyundai further adds that the After-Blow technology dries the condensate on the evaporator and suppresses mold growth in the air-conditioning system. After the engine is turned off and the condensate on the evaporator drains naturally for about 30 minutes, ‘After-Blow’ activates for 10 minutes to dry the evaporator and any condensate leftover in the air passage. 

With this, the air-conditioning system automatically allows the influx of outside air during this time to prevent humidity from building up. This technology also uses an intelligent battery sensor(IBS) to monitor the battery and stops functioning when the battery is low or when the outside temperature is low.

The Multi-Air Mode disperses air to other air slots in the driver and passenger seats in addition to the normal air vents. The overall wind volume remains the same, but the dispersion of wind reduces direct air contact and softens the air. The Multi-Air Mode technology uses multiple vents for air conditioning and heating to create a more pleasant indoor environment with a gentle wind. 

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The Fine Dust Indicator technology measures the air inside the vehicle in real-time and it delivers digitized air quality information, allowing the driver to better manage the in-car environment. The indicator displays the concentration and pollution level of ultrafine particles (PM 2.5) inside the vehicle using integer numbers and colors for better visibility to the user. If the level of ultrafine particles exceeds 36 μg /m3 while the function is active, the air-cleaning mode will run to purify the air in the vehicle.

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