No more using Chevy for Chevrolet, learn from Coke – GM officials tell workers

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Would you rather call Chevy Chevy or Chevrolet? Erm, or is it the other way round

Have you ever had a nick name? A nice, stylish, or cute sounding one? Don’t you feel proud when the people who love you call you with that name? I sure do, when friends call me Andy. Of course, I won’t want to be addressed with a crooked version like ‘Aandoo’ but as long as it’s a nick that I like, it’s pretty cool, ain’t it?

The top bosses at Chevy (oops, I didn’t realize I used Chevy for Chevy, errm, Chevrolet) America, however, think otherwise. They think that using the nick Chevy for the bow-tie brand is not done. So much so that a memo distributed to workers at the company’s headquarters very recently asks them to stop using Chevy for Chevrolet anymore according to a report by New York Times. And why? Well, the top management seems to think that the aforementioned practice interferes with branding consistency. And if this doesn’t come across as a very smart thought to you, wait for the next one.

The top brass cites an example of what they want to achieve. And the brand they apparently want to emulate is Coca-Cola, or Coke, which has supposedly ridden itself from its nick for ‘better branding consistency’. Has it really? I’ll think about it over a glass of Coke I guess and let you know my opinion


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