Nissan Micra TV ads starring Ranbir Kapoor released

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Micra's sales figures will be the ultimate litmus test for Ranbir's charm and popularity

Micra’s sales figures will be the ultimate litmus test for Ranbir’s charm and popularity

After announcing the appointment of Ranbir Kapoor as their brand ambassador a few days ago, Nissan Motor India have now released the first TV commercials for the Micra. Goes without saying, the ads feature the young and charming Kapoor Junior trying to lure you into buying the cute little car. In the two very short commercials, the young star is seen enlightening the customers about the unique features of this small car.

In the first ad the young Kapoor talks about the push button start feature of the car. We really like the ‘life starts with a human touch’ line the star uses as he brings the car to life. In the second ad, the star tries and tells you about the proximity sensing keyless entry system of the car, which is a first in this segment. We think that this is quite a special feature for a small car like this and could have been highlighted better. The proximity sensing tech has been completely missed in the ad, and people may just mistake the ad as a demo of remote locking available with most cars.

We like the fact that the Japanese company is using the star to showcase the virtues of the car, and not for delivering some flowery lines in an attempt to woo the ladies. It’s a great, sensible beginning for the Micra.Please have a look at the ads, and let us know what you think of them through your valuable comments.

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