Nissan Roox, coming to India?

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Cubier than the Cube!

What you see in the pictures is the new Nissan Roox which will be unveiled at the upcoming Tokyo motor show. The Roox is a tiny 4-seater minivan with dimensions of 3395x1475x1735 matching those of a ‘kei’ car, but at the same time offering unrivalled space for its class.

Just like the Nissan Pixo, which is a restyled Suzuki Alto, the Roox shares its platform with Suzuki’s Palette (pictured below). The ‘microvan’ has sliding doors which ease ingress and egress in crowded parking lots and sliding rear seats to help alternate between boot-space and legroom. It could in all probability be one of the 12 cars that Nissan plans to launch in our country.

motoroids_suzukipalette1Stay tuned as more details are unveiled at the Tokyo motor show.

Mihir Gadre

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  • Sai Anand says:

    Hey….one of the best comparisions and the one which i was yearning for a very long time.

    Im proud of the Bullet 500LB's performance……500 still rules….