Nissan Micra prices increased by up to 2%

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Nissan Motor India has announced a price increase on both petrol and diesel variants of the Micra by as much as 2% with effect from today. Percentages converted to rupees, the price increase will be in the range of Rs. 2,500 (0.5%) to Rs. 11,170 (2%).

While the prices of the locally manufactured Micra is being increased, the company left the prices for its CBU models like Nissan X-Trail, Nissan Teana and the Nissan 370Z untouched.

Commenting on the increase in prices of the Nissan Micra, Mr. Kiminobu Tokuyama, M.D. & CEO, Nissan Motor India said, “There has been a steady increase in the input cost over a period of time. It has come to a situation now that the price hike is inevitable and we have decided to increase the price of Micra.”

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  • Hrishikesh P. says:

    Great move by LR to launch the 5-door version. How long before this 'Lands' onto our shores now that Tata owns LR?