Next generation Bugatti Veyron to hit 440km/h

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Bugatti still doesn’t think that the Veyron is fast enough. After coming up with the Super Sport version of the car a few months back, the VW group owned company is now working on the next generation version of the car. The company has set a top speed target of 270mph for itself. The Current Veyron is known to be good for 253mph.The Super Sport version on the other hand has done an average run of 431.072 km/h (267.856 mph) in front of Guiness record officials.

Bugatti loses money on every car it makes owing to its technological excess. But the cash rich VW group is the last company in the world to bother about budgets if they could lay claim on being the manufacturers of the world’s fastest car. The company wants to push the envelope further.

According to Auto Express, the company would want the next version to shatter the perception of what a production car can do. The new warp-speed Bugatti Veyron is expected to make an appearance sometime in 2013.

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