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[Thanks to Autocar UK, some new pics are added to the gallery. Please check them out too. Though the car has been spotted in the same camouflaged state, its presence verifies the earlier reports and leaves us hoping that Audi India brings it here soon.]

When BMW was busy making the tech-laden  driver friendly (and this time passenger friendly too!) 5 series and Merc was preparing the gorgeous E-class, what was Audi doing?
Were they this busy making the A1 or the A7 that they forgot that their current A6 is nowhere close to the competetion or were they busy making this-

2011 Audi A6
Thanks to AutoExpress you can feast our eyes on the next gen A6. According to them the car will be out sometime in the second half of 2011, though its Indian debut isn’t sure. We are pretty much sure that Audi will bring this beauty to our shores too, that is if they have to stay ahead of the competetion.
The car is said to have an 80% steel-20% aluminium chassis good enough to carry their Quattro system. The car might have a front wheel drive variant too as the chassis is versatile enough to sport one.

Engine options will start from 2.0 petrol and diesel units to the range topping 3.0 TFSI and TDi units. To make enthusiasts happy, Audi might offer the RS6 too with an 8-pot powerplant.

2011 Audi A6

Don’t be surprised to see hybrid versions of the A6, coz they are on the cards too.

The car will get sat-nav, touch pad input(like the ones on A7 and A8), active lane assistant and an automatic parking system(wow!) too.

We hope that Audi brings it here soon!

Images Source : Auto Express and Autocar UK

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