Next-gen Tata Sumo will be based on a new lightweight platform

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The Tata Sumo has been soldiering on for almost two decades now without going through any changes that could make it a strong contender among newer competition. Although the Sumo Grande did see daylight, it had to take cover for being an odd looking vehicle. However, the next-gen Tata Sumo that is expected to arrive in 2018, will use an all-new platform codenamed ‘Raptor’, which it will share with other budget Tata products.


Interestingly, it will neither be a traditional ladder-on-frame or a monocoque, but will use a new concept called, ‘Body Integrated Frame’. In such a setup, the frame is integrated or welded over the chassis, allowing the flexibility to either choose a stiff, robust frame for vehicles that will see most of their life off the road, or using a lighter setup for SUV’s which will spend their life being on the black stuff. So the next-gen Tata Sumo will be just as robust, but will weigh less. The learning seems to have come from Land Rover, who have ditched the body-on-frame setup altogether for all their future vehicles.

Source: Autocar

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