New Zealand tests the limits to host its first ever Lamborghini Academy

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Slalom Exercises Amid the Snow-Capped MountainsSlalom Exercises Amid the Snow-Capped Mountains

Accelerated passion from Italian super sports car manufacturer Automobili Lamborghini came on July 3-7 with the unique driving experience of Lamborghini Academy, which took place for the first time ever in New Zealand. This one of a kind driving academy, which is open to Lamborghini customers and enthusiasts alike, brings Lamborghini to prestigious and demanding tracks worldwide to allow participants to experience the full potential and extraordinary performance of the Lamborghini model line. Across 5 exciting days, this exclusive event brought just 8 customers per day from across the Asia-Pacific to the Southern hemisphere of New Zealand to explore and overcome boundaries of exclusive on-track driving like none other.

The Highlands Motorsport Park, located close to the resort town of Queenstown on the country’s South Island, marks the distinguished debut of the Lamborghini Academy in New Zealand. The impressive facilities at this venue provided an extensive scope for participants to explore the outstanding feats of maneuverability and performance from Lamborghini. “With remarkable success of Lamborghini Academy across the globe, we’re proud to bring this extraordinary driving opportunity to New Zealand for the first time”, commented Christian Mastro, General Manager of Automobili Lamborghini Asia-Pacific. “The extreme pursuit of maximizing ability and pleasure of Lamborghini on first class driving facilities is a defining feature of our outreach to Lamborghini customers and enthusiasts, one which we will continue to uphold.” Overlooking the spectacular snow-capped mountains of the scenic New Zealand winter, Lamborghini set 32 customers from Asia Pacific enroute to an unforgettable experience of breathtaking driving.

Drivers took part in handling and performance exercises to better acclimatize to the dimensions of the track. These exercises covered understeering and oversteering, figure 8, slalom, ball slalom, and further applications to ensure each driver exceeded their own expectations in this extraordinary driving experience. Continued enjoyment lay ahead for participants as they engaged in cone handling, timed slaloms and hotlaps, all well maintained under the constantly supervised track with onsite specialists to ensure the ongoing safety of participants.

Exemplifying the performance and unyielding safety of Lamborghini for this driving Academy were the Lamborghini Gallardo LP 550-2, LP 560-4 and LP 570-4 Superleggera Edizione Tecnica. Accompanied by Lamborghini’s professionally trained instructors, participants have come one giant step closer towards mastering their track driving abilities with Lamborghini whilst enjoying margins of development and fun that outweigh those of regular driving schools.

The Lamborghini Academy was adopted as an exclusive platform for eager customers and supercar fans to fulfill every capacity of motoring excellence offered by Lamborghini products. Furthermore, this experience allows Lamborghini and participating drivers to share their mutual interest of an extraordinary lifestyle on a platform filled with uncompromising excitement and pleasure.

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