New Yamaha YZF-R3 hits Indian shores in August 2015; MT-320 naked street likely on its way too

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Yamaha announced the imminent arrival of their brand-new YZF-R3 in October 2014. Now a report states that the sportsbike will be coming to India in August 2015, and will be making its way via the CKD route. The kits will arrive on our shores from the Yamaha Indonesia Motor Manufacturing facility in Indonesia, as of now, the only factory to produce the new Yamaha sportsbike.

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Upon launch, the Yamaha YZF-R3 will be made available in three colours – Yamaha Racing Blue, Red, and Midnight Black. It is likely that Yamaha India will include ABS on the YZF-R3, as part of standard fitment or not, remains to be seen. Yamaha hasn’t just plastered the ‘R’ badge for no reason; the YZF-R3 comes blessed with a brand-new powerplant and a lightweight 169 kg (wet) chassis.

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The engine displaces 321cc and is an in-line two-cylinder, liquid-cooled unit that makes use of Yamaha’s R-series technology which includes a direct-drive camshaft, forged pistons, carburized conrods, low-friction cylinders and more. The clever engineering means that 42 PS of power and 29.6 Nm of twist is channelled through the constant mesh 6-speed gearbox and reaches the rear 140-section tyre of the YZF-R3.

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It is also said that Yamaha India could possibly bring the naked street MT-320 (likely name) to our shores post the arrival of the YZF-R3. This naked street machine is yet to hit Yamaha’s international markets, so it remains to be seen if and when the company actually brings this motorcycle to India. Pricing for the Yamaha YZF-R3 hasn’t yet been announced, but we will keep you posted as and when we get a whiff of them. In the meanwhile, keep following Motoroids to keep yourself updated with everything auto.

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