New Swift (K12) to boast 90 bhp power, better fuel efficiency

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The ARAI rated fuel efficiency figures for the new Maruti Suzuki Swift are out. While we initially thought that the engines for the new car will remain entirely unaltered, such is not the case. Maruti Suzuki have worked quite a bit on the 1.2-liter K seriespetrol engine to boost both fuel efficiency and power. In its newest iteration, the engine will deliver 90PS of peak power. The figure will take it in the same league as the Honda Jazz’s i-VTEC which is currently the segment leader in specific output. The feat is attained by introducing the dual VTT tech to the K12 engine.

Not just has the power output increased, there is a substantial spike in the fuel efficiency as well. From an earlier ARAI certified figure of 17.9 kmpl, the fuel efficiency for the petrol Swift has jumped up to 20kmpl. Thanks to the new weight reduction techniques adopted by Maruti Suzuki, which also includes incorporation of advanced plastic fuel tanks, the fuel efficiency of the diesel engine too has gone up. The ARAI figures for Swift 1.3 DDiS diesel is 23.8kmpl, and increment of 2.8kmpl over the efficiency of the earlier version.

The engines for the new Swift will come mated with a five speed manual transmission. A much needed 4 speed auto variant will also be introduced a year down the line.

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