New McLaren Super Series (McLaren 720S) Active Rear Wing Teased

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McLaren has confirmed that the second-generation Super Series will combine “a sculpted, technical yet beautiful body shape and advanced aerodynamic technologies”. To give a taste of things to come, the British super-car manufacturer has teased the active rear wing of the upcoming, second-generation Super Series.


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The new McLaren super-car, which will be unveiled on March 7 at the 87th Geneva International Motor Show, is claimed to be twice as aerodynamically efficient as the McLaren 650S, with increased downforce and improved cooling.

“The second-generation McLaren Super Series will be as aerodynamically impressive as it is visually beautiful,” commented Mark Vinnels, Executive Director – Product Development, McLaren Automotive. “A range of advanced aerodynamic technologies contributes to maximum generated downforce over 50% greater than that of the McLaren 650S and ensures truly outstanding levels of grip and stability. We have also markedly improved cooling efficiency, with a 15% gain overall and a particular focus on airflow to the engine’s high temperature radiators through a unique new design of dihedral door.”


The active wing extends over the full rear width of the second-generation McLaren Super Series. It moves upwards and increases in angle to optimise aerodynamic efficiency and also deploys to its most extreme angle as an airbrake in less than half a second, thus optimising balance when braking from speed.

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The new dihedral door design of the second-generation Super Series includes two separate air ducts that are integrated within the door structure; one forces air from the top of the door down into the High Temperature Radiators that cool the engine, while the other draws air out of the front wheel arch to create increased down-force.

This further enhances the diffuser technology first seen in the McLaren P1TM. Full details of the second-generation Super Series will be confirmed in March, when further images and pricing will also be available.

New McLaren Super Series Active Rear Wing
McLaren Monocage II
McLaren 650S_current first-generation Super Series

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