New KTM X-Bow GTR is ready, almost

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KTM has just finished research and development on the X-Bow GTR, and it is ready to go into production as early as a few weeks from now. As you’d have guessed from the name, the new KTM is a GT4-spec track car based on the street-going original X-Bow.

Developed in conjunction with Reiter Engineering, a German motorsport and engineering firm that cut its teeth building several Lamborghini-based race cars and a GT3-spec Chevy Camaro, the X-Bow GTR has taken its parent company several years of intensive testing to make it ready for the rigours of the track.  Specifications for the new race car are yet to be released but it’s said to be designed for international motorsport, not simply club level events and one-make series, for which KTM already offers the X-Bow RR.


Motive power comes from a turbocharged 2.0-liter four-cylinder, with drive going to the rear wheels via a sequential manual gearbox. Compared to the previous X-Bow GT4 from 2008, KTM claims that the new one benefits from modifications made to the suspension geometry, gearbox, aerodynamics, and ABS settings.

KTM is planning to offer the X-Bow GTR all over the world, but we don’t see it making its way to our shores anytime soon given our restrictive vehicle import laws. The priced has been tentativle pegged at 139,000 Euros (approximately $151,907), in Europe.


The GTR is the latest addition to the burgeoning X-Bow family, which now also includes a GT version complete with a wraparound windscreen so that drivers needn’t wear a helmet to drive to the shops, launched back in 2013.

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