New 2014 Yamaha YZF R15 V3.0 Launch in India to happen next month [Details & Images]

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Only yesterday, we came up with new 2014 Yamaha YZF R15 spy images and details, Now, we are hearing that the new Yamaha YZF R15 V3.0 launch in India would happen next month. The upcoming update for the YZF R15 would be launched in a bid to inject a bit freshness to its aging model and enable it to soldier it on for some more time, before the Japanese bike maker comes up with a comprehensive update/next generation model.

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The 2014 Yamaha YZF R15 V3.0 images we have here with us reveal that the 150cc performance bike would be launched with a couple of new colour schemes and body decals. Also, other than these minor visual updates, the bike would also get slightly tweaked engine.  The updated R5 YZF 3.0 will have a max power of 18PS, which is 1PS more than that of the current model. While the torque figure, at 15 Nm, remains unchanged, a remapped ECU would lead to a changed torque curve and a more potent mid-range.


It is highly likely that the 2014 Yamaha YZF R15 V3.0 price in India would remain changed, which means that bike could have an ex showroom price of INR 1.12 Lakhs.

Are you awaiting the launch of the YZF R15 V3.0? Do you think these minor upgrades would enable the aging but still very capable 150cc performance bike to fast increasing competition? Do share your views by commenting below. Also, stay tuned to Motoroids for more updates on the R15 V3.0.


Spy pic courtesy:  Zigwheels

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  • saleem says:

    When R15 v3 launch date because here in Vijayawada all the dealers are say R15 v3 is already launch and selling bike and telling its 2015 model please help me out the really , what is this going on because i want to buy New R15 v3 model only can any one help . let me know please .

  • Lijin says:

    Any way the motogp edition is very sporty than version 3colors

  • Shivam Palwe says:

    It will launch in begining of April or at the end of april , I hope it will launch soon because I think under 1.5 lakh this is the best bike to buy and I am gonna to buy it…*

  • Pugazh Selva says:

    gold and black colour super

  • Mak Dabra says:

    so the 4 new colours they shown were the v3
    including these 2
    u must be kidding me